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Kathleen Samsel, LCSW

Katie brings over 13 years of experience to her practice. As a mother of 5, she brings a common sense and practical approach that focuses on recovery and relief of symptoms. As a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, her primary focus is on abuse, neglect, domestic violence, and life events that change us forever. She also has over 30 years experience working with Autism Spectrum and other neuro-cognitive disorders.


Stacey Howard. LMSW

Stacey brings extensive experience in a variety of settings to make therapy approachable and fun. She is very solution oriented, and meets the client at their greatest need. Working from a trauma informed perspective, her work with anxiety, severe mental illness, and with children is excellent and effective.  She has a specialized interest in postpartum depression and life stages as well.


Adults with Autism or Neurocognitive Disorders

If you struggle with an unspecified learning disorder,  Autism or other neurocognitive disorders, there are unique struggles with understanding your world and relating to others who do not understand you. Until recently, neurocognitive disorders were poorly understood, leaving many high functioning individuals undiagnosed and untreated for their disorders. Katie has extensive experience working with Neurocognitive disorders and is sensitive to your needs

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Our Therapy

Mental Well-Being


Mental health is a complex, interwoven mixture of thoughts, feelings, desires, and beliefs. While starting from a Christian worldview, Katie is open and accepting of all beliefs and will work to integrate all aspects of mental well-being.  Having traveled extensively in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, Katie loves a multi-cultural approach that incorporates wisdom from many religious and cultural histories.

Trauma & PTSD


Many individuals can experience symptoms associated with painful and traumatic circumstances. As a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, rather than focusing on the trauma itself, Katie's treatment focuses on everyday skills that allow you to recover and progress until healing occurs. Learning and practicing skills in simple and fun exercises that allow healing to occur that restore peace of mind and enjoyment of life.   



Katie and Stacey bring a wealth of experience to treating all ages and relationships. Her clients range from age 5 to age 95. They work with individuals, couples, parents and children, and family groups, and individuals in assisted living or those with health issues that keep them from accessing the office setting. Stacey's work in postpartum adjustments helps remove barriers and opens the door to joy during life transitions.

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